The EESTor/theeestory Connection from Bloomberg Businessweeek

The EESTor/theeestory Connection from Bloomberg Businessweeek
The above is a screen capture from Bloomberg Businessweek July 10, 2010. The url was recently changed to to make people believe there is no connection between EESTor and, the #1 site of pumping EEStor on the internet. Update-EEStor's web site URL has been deleted.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Dr. Carl Nelson's Signature Forged On Affidavit

The current pumpers of EEStor Corp. from PLI who are funding, aiding, and abetting Dick Weir's fraudulent EESU 7466536 patent stories are attempting to use Dr. Carl Nelson's affidavit as proof of the EESU patent.  You do not have to be a hand writing expert to observe at least one of Dr. Nelson's signature is fraudulent on the affadaivat (see below).  Which leads me to believe both signatures might be fraudulent.  I wouldn't be surprised if Dick Weir forged Dr. Nelson's signature in both affidavits knowing Weir lied about claiming to be assembling EESUs ahead of schedule which were to power a CityZenn.  There never were samples or prototypes EESUs meeting 7466536 patent specs, or an EESU powering a CityZenn, the story was a fraud, a scam perpetrated by Ian Clifford and Zenn Board. 

It should be noted in 2011 citizen journalist eestortruth blogger interviewed Dr. Nelson.  Not once did Dr. Nelson mention or claim credit about any disruptive EESU patent.  He also not once mentioned Dick Weir in the interview by name. 

Brennan Joseph Murphy AKA b/baghead the number one pumper of Weir's fraudulent disruptive stories in the early years had also interviewed Dr. Nelson but never published the interview. Brennan Joseph Murphy admitted he was the other person who interviewed Dr. Carl Nelson to the eestortruth blogger.   The only reason why Brennan did not publish the interview with Dr. Carl Nelson was because it would have not helped his agenda of pumping Dick Weir's EESU fraud!

Dick Weir attempted to defraud USDOD and Air Force Research Laboratory with his fraudulent disruptive EESU stories, but failed.  Following emails were obtained through Freedom Of Information Act.  Thank Mr. Tom Villars.

Sent: Monday, December 29, 2008 7:20 AM
Subject: RE: Emailing: United States Patent 7466536.htm
"Dear ----, Thanks for the info, but I already read it. Find it amusing to follow Dick Weir's
slick scheme and how long he has been able to keep it going. Patent or not, he has never
produced a prototype that anyone has seen, and there are good reasons he hasn't; the design
approach is not feasible based on very basic physics and materials characteristics. See
attached note from several years ago, same, same today. I remember having numerous
communications with Dick Weir and could never get him to provide any test data, samples,
anything real, etc. He said that he had some samples but they were lost and he couldn't find
them. At that time he was looking for a few M$ to set up a production line, and couldn't be
bothered making just a mere sample. As time went on he managed to convince them what has the money to back him based on the production line story. Zenn motors & L‐M. He was supposed to deliver a unit to Zenn a couple of years ago, now it is promised in late 09, ha ha, of course he will need some for additional funding to get the production line operational. Still can't believe that L‐M was taken in by his bull shit and no prototype."

Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 7:01 AM
Subject: RE: EEStor ‐ Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"It has been well over five years since ---k and I first had dialogues with Dick Weir (EEStor
chief alchemist) about his miraculous claims. At that time it was requested he submit a
sample to demonstrate the reality of the claims. He replied that he had previously made and
tested samples but they were all gone, lost or destroyed. When asked why he couldn't make
some more very small proof of principle samples; his reply was that his objective was to set
up a high volume production line but needed several million dollars to accomplish it. Over
the intervening years he managed to get millions from Zenn Motors, L‐M and various venture
capitalists. To this very date he has never produced a single working sample of the
dielectric, nor has Northrop Grumman. A simple analysis of the various recipes conflicts
with basic physics and the known characteristics of the materials; unless we allow for a
slight modification in the speed of light. Of course this is something that we must ignore to
avoid offending those who have faith in this cult of electro‐pornographic fiction. We are all
waiting with bated breath for the messiah to return from space with sample in hand and
without the millions of dollars, well spent of course."


Sent: Monday August 30, 2010 2:08 PM
Subject:    EEstor news

Dear -----,
About three weeks ago I told you that Dick Weir (EESTOR) called me and invited me to a demonstration of the efficiency of his energy store; I declined the invitation and deferred to you.   Just now I was called by  Joseph Murphy, who identified himself as an EESTOR news “blogger” ( for the sake of something to call him).  He wanted me to tell all about what I thought of EESTOR and Dick Weir; I declined of course; but did say that if Public Affairs approved I would give him a dump.  Actually, after second thought, I don’t think I should say anything because of possible liability issues.  He did mention that he spoke to several SANDIA people who were also invited, but didn’t  elaborate.  He also said that previously he called --- ------- but she declined to discuss the matter.   I don’t know how he got my name, but evidently he has access to a list of people who were invited as well as others.  He also tried to bait me by commenting that EESTOR was a scam and a violation of physics, I did not respond.  
  Sent:    Monday, August 30, 2010 2:16 PM
Cc:   RDHA
Subject:    RE: EEstor news

Yup.  Im guessing he has a list of people to bug.  And I did decline.  I did not give him your name.
I remember some press out there a while back when EESTOR was getting their Angel Venture Funding where someone claimed the DoD was trying to prevent this technology from becoming a commercial product because it was so great(paraphrase).  In reality, the DoD declined funding EESTOR at the level that they desired (several tens of million $$) and recommended they put in a SBIR proposal to prove they have something worth funding - Mainly because they are full of it.
Anyhow, I can just imagine the way any criticism of EESTOR would be twisted by the press.

Dick Weir never put in a SBIR proposal to DOD to prove they have something worth funding in the several tens of million.  Indeed Weir is full of shit!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Mastermind Behind EESCAM

Richard D. Weir AKA Dick Weir.

Fact is there NEVER was an EESU meeting United States Patent 7466536 specs!  (patent is a FRAUD!)
Fact is there Never was an EESU prototype!
Fact is there NEVER was a disruptive EESU powering a CityZenn!
Fact is there NEVER was an EESU cycled a million times!
Fact is there NEVER was disruptive powder!
Fact is Dick Weir was NEVER assembling EESUs ahead of schedule.
Fact is Dick Weir was UNABLE to DEFRAUD AFRL, SANDI, DOD with his EESU SCAM!
Fact is there NEVER was an EESU for power grid applications!
Fact is Dick Weir DOES NOT AND WILL NEVER have a disruptive cap technology!
Fact is Dick Weir NEVER HAD AND NEVER WILL have any disruptive product!!!

Listen to LIES coming out of Dick Weir's mouth from conference call in 2009 how he was assembling EESUs,

Friday, January 15, 2016

"It will be clearly be demonstrated around the world in 2010..."

Since Ian Clifford these days is doing interviews peddling Dick Weir's disruptive capacitor technology scam, I want to remind potential investors the following interview in which Ian Clifford was peddling Dick Weir's disruptive EESU scam.

JUL 20
Q&A with Ian Clifford CEO of Zenn Motors: EEStor to Publicly Prove its Technology Imminently
Posted by Lyle in: EEStor with 379 Comments
I recently had the chance to interview Ian Clifford who is the CEO of Zenn Motors (ZNN.V).  His company has an agreement to market the breakthrough energy storage units (EESU) being developed by the stealth Texas company EEStor.  Although no-one has ever publicly confirmed seeing an EESU in operation, these devices have the potential to disruptively leapfrog lithium-ion batteries for electric cars.  They are orders of magnitude lighter and energy dense, can be recharged in minutes, do not appreciably degrade and cost a fraction of what lithium-ion batteries do to produce.  The ZENNCity electric car which would be the first vehicle to use these batteries has a 52kwh 250 mile range EESU that would only weigh 280 pounds.
So what’s been going on lately with ZMC and EEStor?
The first event was when EEStor demonstrated their permittivity milestone and then we went through our own independent verification of that particular scientific milestone. And that triggered a couple of things. It triggered our $700,000 payment to make on our technology agreement with EEStor, but it also triggered an option to further extend our equity position with EEStor which we did.
We moved our ownership stake from around 3.8% to around 10.7% and at the same time we also just concluded a 9.3 million dollar equity raise in Zenn Motor Companies. So a lot of different financial and predominantly EEStor-related transactions (occurred) over the last couple of months.
Did the permittivity milestone increase your confidence in EEStor?
Absolutely. According to EEStor it was really the last scientific hurdle achieved and now they’re just flat out working towards commercial product. Absolutely a very very significant step.
As an owner and investor, do you go to EEStor’s facilities and see prototypes?
We are in their facility frequently. We see their progress on a regular basis. We had our own independent third party verification of the permittivity result. We retested all the materials, re-calibrated all the equipment, did a very exhaustive re-verification as it was a significant trigger for us. And a few weeks ago EEStor made the public statement that they anticipate having at-voltage components verified independently by September of this year and deliver of production prototype EESU to us by then end of 2009. That’s directly from EEStor. They made that statement very recently, so it’s very very exciting progress.
EEStor has said that before, even once by the end of 2007, so is this really any different than the last 2 years?
Absolutely. They started their commercial build-out in 2006 and have continued to dramatically ramp up their production capability. Their choice of announcing permittivity was entirely up to them so they made the decision when they felt ready to do that. In terms of progress, the unique thing than Zenn other than Lockheed Martin has is access to the facility and very demonstrative indication of their progress. And we see very clearly where they are at and how they’re progressing. So it’s a somewhat unique visibility that we have on their technology.
Are you seeing an actual assembly line now being constructed?
Absolutely. This is a full production facility here. Often people are saying there is no facility or assembly line, etc this is simply not the case. They’re building a state of the art pilot production plant that is very significant. Lots of people have seen it, it’s not just us.
Is permittivity a value that suggests the material can hold the energy density they claim it can, is that true?
That’s a pretty fair statement. It’s a measurement of capacitance of the material. Once again one of the very significant breakthroughs here is that as a dielectric material there are other materials that have high levels of capacitance but they tend to have very very narrow temperature range, and we had these materials certified from -20 to 65 degrees Celsius. So they’ve created a unique dielectric material and that’s a very very important distinction. It’s a brand new material and it needs to be to meet the energy density and performance characteristics and specifications of their energy storage. They have created a breakthrough unique dielectric material.
You talked about at-voltage testing, in vehicle application are you talking about 300 to 400V?
Actually likely higher than that. EEStor stores their energy at around 3500V. We would step that down to operating voltages likely in the 600 V range. Very very high efficiency drivesystem operating at much higher voltages than any other current EV drive system. That does a number of things. It increases the drive efficiency, it makes the components somewhat smaller, and ultimately less expensive and obviously for mass commercialization that’s a very important consideration.
So the testing you did was at a low voltage?
It’s a standard permittivity capacitance test on a powder in a matrix. It’s not a high voltage test it is a low voltage test, but EEStor achieved many other important milestones over the past 18 months. Especially directed towards a high voltage energy storage device.
If you read our press release related to permittivity, were very very clear on the other key elements of development that EEStor has achieved in order to commercialize a high voltage capacitor with high energy density.
And as I said before, this September EEStor has stated that they will be certifying at-voltage components which actually are build capacitors off their production facility.
So they’re going to actually demonstrate true truly functioning capacitors, not just a powder?
Exactly. Which has always been their next logical step towards a final commercial product.

In your vehicle you might have a bunch of those capacitors in serial or parallel?

They’ll build up their energy storage devices in parallel, because each component, or building block is very very tiny, it’s a very tiny footprint. It is a 3500 volt capacitor and they will build them up in parallel to create the energy storage requirement that the application calls for.
We can go anywhere. We’ve talked about our cityZenn vehicle with a 52 kwh energy storage device, but we can do anything depending on the market and the application.
Have you actually seen one of the devices functioning?
That gets into the point of non disclosure. Just to be clear, there have not been any production EESUs delivered to us, that’s a very specific milestone, our last milestone is delivery of production equipment. EEStor originally did all of this, their original lab prototyping and everything else a number of years ago. We did our original due diligence back in 2002 and 2003. We were exposed to the original technology then. Right now, we like everyone else are waiting for at voltage components off their production line. And that’s as specific as I will get. And really that’s all that matters.
And right now EEStor has indicated a very very short window of delivery and are working towards that aggressively.
So you said prototypes by the end of the year, but production units not?
No this is a production prototype off of the production line. Once they deliver a production prototype it is a production unit that is production ready.
With all the Recovery Act green grant money, and A123, for example, asking for $1 billion for a battery plant, if this thing is so certain why haven’t you gone out and asked for money to build out a giant EESU plant?
First of all that’s up to EEStor to decide, because we don’t build the EESU. Quite frankly their engineering and deployment costs compared to lithium ion production is so much less, their production facility and ramp up costs are a fraction of lithium-ion. Lithium ion is a very very expensive technology to produce, especially large format. Nobody has really done mass production of large format lithium ion cells yet. Some of the individual pieces of equipment in a lithium ion battery plant cost more than an entire EESU production line. It is much more economical technology to manufacture.
So they can do it with the money they have now?
This initial production facility is fully financed based on the money they got which is great.
What kind of volume in vehicle sper year of EESUs can this plant produce?
In terms of disclosure on that it depends on the size of the EESU obviously.

For the ZENNCity?

We spec’d that at 52 kwh. We may not go to that full size depending on the application as I mentioned. Depending on the market that gives us a250 mile range on a single charge. That’s a lot more than a lot of jurisdictions require. You’ll see. I’m not going to comment on volume right now I know there is a number of analysts who will be covering this story and they will very likely talk about capacity at EEStor. I do not want that information coming from us I’d rather that information come from EEStor directly.
Its very very scalable. Their model which they’ve talked about is they build a relatively small production line which is what is being built now in Austin. They then replicate that line. So they don’t build massive amounts of line. They basically take a small model line and they replicate it over and over and over again to increase volume. And that’s very typical in hard disk manufacturing and other high technology manufacturing which is where Dick Weir and Carl Nelson come from. They’ve been working in that world for decades and they know everything about scalable mass production. Not a big worry from our perspective. They know how to do it, and they’ve got Lockheed Martin involved. They’ve got some really sophisticated people involved in the scaling of the technology, so its not a huge concern for us.

It sounds like the future of your company rides on what they’re doing?

It always has. When I started this company it was all about the significance of energy storage as it related to mass production. It became a matter of choosing the most exciting and viable energy storage possibilities that were out there. We looked at lots of different technologies at the time, and EEStor was by far the most compelling and certainly undoubtedly the most disruptive.
If they start delivering production-grade EESUs by the end of 09, how long will it take for the first ZENN Cities to roll of the line to commercial availability?
Commercial availability is one thing. We’ll have the car powered and demonstrated, and it will probably be a number of different platforms, and applications that well be demonstrating at that time. Our exclusivity covers a broad range of applications including retrofitting any existing 4wheel vehicle. So our intention is to truly demonstrate the breadth of opportunities that the technology represents. We have been for the last 18 months engineering ZEENergy drives and we’ll have a drop in application for what EEStor delivers to us because we’ve been working with them for the same amount of time to make sure what they deliver we can utilize immediately.
Its not going to take 2 minutes, but it will take days as opposed to months to get the demonstrations on line.

So the socket in your car is perfectly configured for the EESU when it arrives?

Exactly. Were building to accept it and their building to fit, that’s always been the intent.
So in 2010 certainly we should be able to see some of this?
Yes, absolutely. It will be clearly be demonstrated around the world in 2010 and commercialization is really jus ta question of how quickly EEStor ramps. We believe well be able to sell everything they can produce. There’s no question there.
How confident are you that this is going to happen?
I made that clear on how I voted with my own money my company’s supportiveness and the amount of support we’ve gotten from the financial community. We’re very confident.
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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Robert Iuvale AKA Fibb Attempts to Smear Capman, Professor Neilson and EE-Tom

Fibb has taken over Brennan Joseph Murphy's AKA Baghead defecto position as PR Agent for EEStor and Bullshitter. Robert deserves absolutely no anonymity for peddling Dick Weir's scam. It is obvious someone within The EEStor Corp is feeding Fibb inside company info. TAC members were suppose to be secretive but somehow Fibb knows their names. It's interesting he knew Kofman was happy when he "won". The following was documented and date stamped from Fibb's chatwing room,

Fibb, why do you think that Evans or Neilson couldn't successfully test the samples?
a day ago
and who knows, maybe the akron guys can help with ed too
we'll see
a day ago
Because they tested as a regular capacitor.
a day ago
jg probably destroyed the layer trying to test it for 2 weeks himself before pn even got it, and/or pn was perhaps incompetent too and it was likely a partial dud to begin with - a stupid move by dw. dw may have given jk and jg a shit layer on purpose to slow down jk from trying to take over his company. i got some indications from a agm scrum that that might have been the case.
a day ago
but who knows for sure
i know for a fact that jk really wanted to take it over because he knew there was value there
at least i know how happy jk was when he won
i heard about a meeting between ks and jk soon after dw capitulated . jk was over the moon
but it was a very complicated situation
jk wanted the tech but he wanted to get rid of dw
a day ago
and in the end he wanted to get rid of others too
existing big time shareholders and directors stopped him and forced him out by threat of lawsuit and they had enough evidence to present. a quiet exit was preferred by all of course. but if push came to shove it was going to get nasty
lucky we got through that time age are poised to prosper
a day ago
de was in the end unconvinced that dw was telling the truth about the kind of calibration samples he had been given. JK seized the opportunity to used de's prejudice against dw and fear of competition to his advantage.
a day ago
dw probably didn't trust de with better, more interesting samples. dw again making a bad decision. gave jk an opening to discredit dw and he ran with it
a day ago
when jk said the TAC was unanimous, i think he was actually saying de wont agree with hebner, mallick and tp
and don't get me started on that other guy
a day ago
so in effect the TAC was a tool of JK's not a clearing the air device
but, once jk was gone, mallick and hebner came in and evaluated dw's new testing rig and protocols and said they were fine
mallick simplified some of the data gathering but that's it. and intertek as we know agreed
a day ago
DW is an vil genious...LOL
a day ago
now, recall that 100 Hz and above fiasco before the last jk agm. pico saw right through it
a day ago
that's when the TAC, heavily dominated by de and ru perverted the perceptions of the tech. gg stepped up and bravely said at the agm shareholders aren't getting the full picture here.
a day ago
he said energy out measurements confirm the energy in measurements were valid
a day ago
but with eetom and other defamers making up bs about serial vs parrallel and poisoning the well and jk trying to further put dw in a corner, etc we ended up in a crisis.
luckily we prevailed and ic stepped up with a business plan that all the directors and major shareholders could agree on
a day ago
a new fresh approach, with one leader, no more counter productive decisions by dw.... with a heavy emphasis on true, world class 3 rd party verification (intertek) and world class expert interpretation / analysis (zogbi)
a day ago
and a emphasis on something quickly achievable. energy storage would have to take a back seat. they focused on the cap applications because that was largely done and getting energy storage working was going to take an indefinite amount of time and more expertise than they could afford
a day ago
so ic cold called dz and dz came in. saw the facility, ran the cost numbers and looked at the mallick approved test results dw was getting and said.... if you can get these numbers (specs) you will "tip the capacitor industry"
after seeing the facility dz wanted to be more than a temporary consultant
he wanted to be ic's agent
a day ago
he wanted to negotiate jv deals for eestor with his clients, with the kemets, intels, and panasonics of this world
dz was and is excited to be involved
a day ago
getting back to the jk exit for a moment... recall how zammit got 400 k in warrants.... that was compensation for past misdeeds not for future work
and it wasn't for jz
nuff said about that
a day ago
now i'm going to have to kill you all
a day ago
Nice summary Fibb.
a day ago
eed got me talking and then went for brunch
a day ago
a day ago
anyway, you're best off to assume everything you read here is complete bs
you can't trust some anonymous guy on the internet
i'm not here trying to convince anybody of anything
a day ago
EEStory by the Fibber! 
a day ago
but i do try to shoot you all straight
you decide if i'm fos or not. makes no difference to me
a day ago
Much closer than you think my friend.
a day ago
i'm content to just wait for validation that eestor has commercially viable tech
a day ago
I like your stories better than the Prof's.
a day ago
that validation should be well before summer... lol
a day ago
i refreshed and see comments, that i didn't know were there. thanks scup
a day ago
thanks tb
a day ago
Your welcome, scupper and I tag team often.
a day ago
Fibb, TB, et. al., thanks for the preceeding few pages. It fills in a few gaps.
a day ago
you're both good at reading the tea leaves imo.
a day ago
you're welcome tony
a day ago
Fibb, wasn't part of this sordid tale of testing supposed to include samples that weren't sufficiently dry? I remember some speculation and angst on the subject, but not the particulars.
a day ago
I think that entire testing episode, including the ride to the airport, should feature prominently in B's book.
a day ago
ees that was a classic
a day ago
b's book and or ic's
a day ago
yes, humidity and moist layers are a prominent reoccuring part of the various testing controversies
humidity isn't an issue any more though 
the dry box and sealing in the layers dealt with that
a day ago
off to pick up my new phone
a day ago

It is obvious after reading the above Robert Iuvale AKA Fibb is just another apologist and enabler of Dick Weir's scam!