The EESTor/theeestory Connection from Bloomberg Businessweeek

The EESTor/theeestory Connection from Bloomberg Businessweeek
The above is a screen capture from Bloomberg Businessweek July 10, 2010. The url was recently changed to to make people believe there is no connection between EESTor and, the #1 site of pumping EEStor on the internet. Update-EEStor's web site URL has been deleted.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Liar Liar Dick & Ian. Both of Your Pants are on Fire!

This is just one example of the documented lies:

Ian Clifford July 20, 2009:
"And a few weeks ago EEStor made the public statement that they anticipate having at-voltage components verified independently by September of this year and deliver of production prototype EESU to us by then end of 2009. That’s directly from EEStor. They made that statement very recently, so it’s very very exciting progress."
Dick Weir, March 24th 2010:
"People say we're late. We're not late! Zenn put out some things but we didn't authorize those statements."
But Dick, What about this EESTor's press release from January 17, 2007?  You can't pin that on Ian/Zenn.
 "EEStor, Inc. remains on track to begin shipping production 15 kilowatt-hour Electrical Energy Storage Units (EESU) to ZENN Motor Company in 2007 for use in their electric vehicles."