The EESTor/theeestory Connection from Bloomberg Businessweeek

The EESTor/theeestory Connection from Bloomberg Businessweeek
The above is a screen capture from Bloomberg Businessweek July 10, 2010. The url was recently changed to to make people believe there is no connection between EESTor and, the #1 site of pumping EEStor on the internet. Update-EEStor's web site URL has been deleted.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank you to Lockheed Martin, DOJ, and other federal government agencies whom visited my blog

A securities governing agency must subpoena all phone records, email records, and text messages  the last 3 years between EEStor (Dick-Tom-Greg Weir), Zenn Motor Corp. (Ian Clifford), and the blogger who hides behind a bag ( eestorblogger/b/Baghead) the #1 pumper of EEStor on the Internet, to investigate possible criminal activity such as insider trading.

Let there be no doubt there was insider trading going on the days before Zenn's milestone announcement April 22, 2009: "EEStor, Inc. Announces Relative Permittivity Certification of Their Composition Modified Barium- Titanate Powders".  There was no reason for the volume and stock price to increase days before Zenn's official press release.  Who leaked the information?  Which individuals profited from the leaked information?  Someone must go to jail.

BTW-for those who are not familiar with the EEStor/Zenn story, the following best sums it up courtesy of Steve Pluvia:
"EEStor is nothing more than a vehicle for a Canadian pump-n-dump, specifically Zenn Motors. Zenn has a powerful Canadian hype team supported by a crooked bucket shop (Paradigm Capital), paid promoters and degenerate gamblers. Experts in the field of EEStor’s technology do not believe the claims in their product... The trade here is to short Zenn on all pops from here forward."